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Secure payment

About World Pay

The first choice partner for every business

WorldPay provides a globally connected, locally coordinated payment processing service for all sorts of businesses, big and small.

We help you collect payments securely, swiftly and with total confidence.

WorldPay operate in over 40 countries and is a major global leader in payment processing. We pioneered online payments for small and medium sized businesses and process millions of online payments every day.

From face-to-face transactions, to online and phone transactions, we provide an effective, secure service.

Over the years we have grown organically and through acquisition. Today we provide a broad range of payment services including online, mail order, face-to-face and regular payment.

We're active in the development and implementation of anti-fraud systems which have helped protect businesses around the globe.

Our clients encompass a broad spectrum of industries and companies from small family run firms to large multi-nationals.

Streamline from WorldPay is one of Europe's leading face-to-face card payment processors.

Streamline helps customers in every part of the high street, from start-ups to blue chip companies. There are more than 165 million payment cards in UK alone and Streamline handles almost half of all UK transactions, reliably and confidently.

World Pay secure payment

Peace of mind, built-in

The growth of online and offline card payment systems has been matched by developments in anti-fraud technologies and techniques. In today's market you need the confidence of a secure and reliable payment provider..


We process around half of all face-to-face card transactions in the UK. With over 165 million payment cards in circulation, that's a significant feat.


We're always looking for new ways to protect our customers and their payments. Our standard security package gives you a high level of protection, including:

  • chip and PIN for all our terminals
  • address verification
  • cardholder verification value where the cardholder isn't present


We work hard to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. We developed a market leading fraud screening tool, drawing on data from the millions of payments we process globally. This involves over 50 individual checks against each transaction, providing our customers with a decision in under a second.

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