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Hand Dryers
Hand Dryers From Swift Trading Here at Swift Trading, we offer a premium selection of hand drying facilities for offices, bars, restaurants and public facilities. Our commercial hand dryers are both cost effective and energy efficient. The biggest cost to your business will be the initial installation but after that you will save between 80 and 95% on supply costs in comparison to if you were using hand towels. Choose Swift Trading...  More
  • Hyco Hurricane
    £ 64.86
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  • Hyco Hurricane HD1800
    £ 78.66
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  • Cyclone 18F
    Hyco Cyclone 18F

    £ 140.76
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  • Hyco Tornado Manual
    £ 212.52
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  • Hyco Tornado Automatic
    £ 222.18
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  • Hyco Cylone 22CSF
    Hyco Cylone 22CSF

    £ 178.02
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  • Hyco Tornado 26CSF
    Hyco Tornado 26CSF

    £ 218.04
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  • Hyco Jetstream 1500
    £ 230.46
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